Top 7 – Short-Listed Tag Lines for Home Decor India

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Top 7 – Short-Listed Tag Lines for Home Decor India

Its the festival season and a good time to announce the shortlisted tag lines for the group. Thank you all for your wonderful entries! We have shortlisted among all the taglines submitted and it is time for each one of you to vote for your favorite!!

Big thank you to each participant for making this contest a success. The taglines submitted reflect what Home decor – India means to each one of you and it was a delight to read all of them!

This group has been a platform to share decor experiences, clarify doubts with one another, get inspired and to be an inspiration. With a variety of posts shared each day, you get your much-needed motivation and a boost of energy to transform your favorite place! We are now over 6000 members and it’s time to have a fun tagline that represents us!

The TOP 5 Top 7 Entries

After multiple iterations we finally managed to  shortlist 7 entries. Take a look at the other entries here. We were looking for 5, so that we could have the top 3 and then pick the best tagline. We loved all 7 taglines, that we decided to have top 7 instead of top 5.  So now we leave it up to you to pick the top 3.

Here are the top 7 tag lines with the names of the people who coined them. To Vote: Leave the tagline in the comment section.  If you are one of the finalists, go ahead and vote for yourself, dont have to be modest.

  1. Reshma Philip – Making impressions that last!
  2. Sabitha Sahu – Musings on stylish living!
  3. Anuradha Kapoor – A place where dreams dwell!
  4. Deepa Bhagat – Turning Ideas into Action!
  5. Roma – Dil, Dosti, Decor!
  6. Ninad Gavankar – Decor addicted brains!
  7. Priyanka – United by the love of decor!

We hope to announce the winner a week from now so that the winner can have the carpet in their home just in time for Diwali. So go ahead start voting.

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