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My Introduction

Crowdsourced from my Instagram Community!

My name is Preethi Prabhu, I Live, Love and Laugh. My Super power is that I breath life into the most mundane and boring things and make them look vibrant. I am a wiz with my Midas touch in making everything from duh to fab. I believe that its not years in ones life but life in ones years that count. I am caring and work hard to achieve my ends. I am the best kind of friend anyone could hope for. I am a badass of home decor and interior design. I have a zest for life, bitter or sweet, share my life lessons and spread positivity which is the very purpose of existence. My instagram followers love to write feedback on my posts. I see life with florescent pink tinted glasses, I climb stuff when situation demands. I am strong as an oak, I love fiercely, I forge ahead with all my heart, I kick obstacles ass. I see positivity even in the most adverse situations and spread positive vibes through my #100lifelessonsPP and decor ideas.

P.s: This was compiled from the comments of my instagram post. And with all my humility, I join my hands together. THANK YOU! 



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