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Collaboration divides the tasks multiplies the success

How to get featured on PreethiPrabhu?

1. BE AWESOME! Blow my mind with your products, services, ideas or even maybe your attitude. If you are in the decor space and I am blown away by what you do, you get a feature on PreethiPrabhu for free. I have a soft corner for people doing selfless work, so if you are a non profit doing some good work bettering someones life, dont forget to send me an email and I will tell your story on my blog. I have a section called “Found Online”  where I feature products that I found interesting. P.s, I am also a sucker for good manners, so introduce yourself properly.

2. SPONSOR A GIVEAWAY. While i want to consider this option, I am not very excited about it coz there are giveaways everywhere. I want to stay away from run of the mill collaborations, so if you have a out of the box idea, I might be game.

3. SPONSOR A POST. This is a paid collaboration. Email me to know the details, long term or a single post. P.s. PreethiPrabhu reserves the right to refuse any paid collaboration. My first priority is to be true to myself and to my readers.

4. SEND ME A SAMPLE. This is also a paid collaboration irrespective of if you want me to keep the sample or send it back. I dont do barter collaborations unless they are crazy exciting. Send me a sample and you will have an honest review on my social handles. For products you want me to keep, PreethiPrabhu reserves the right to keep the product, return it or give it away to its readers in a contest.

5. BLOGGERS COLLABORATE. If you are a non decor blogger and you need help with your space, hit me up. I love working with passionate people and we can do some awesome work together. (you can also bribe me with food, fashion advise or whatever that you do. Just saying!) If you are a Decor Blogger, even better, lets put our heads together and see what we can do for our readers.

6. ANYONE ELSE. If you identify with my crazy and want to get in touch, you are welcome. Lets catch up and see what we can do.