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I know you’ve heard me say this in the workshop, but I want you to truly believe this. “You don’t need expensive fancy equipment to create good quality videos”. All you need is good planning and some basic equipment to help. And here they are

1. A Mobile phone

A basic mobile phone these days is capable of making good videos. My mobile is a very hard worker, so I don’t go for the basic models. I am using Samsung A54, which I love, it’s a mid-range phone and it shoots all my content. I was using an older one from 2020 until April of 2023, but it suddenly died on me and I had to get myself a new one.

Does a high-end shoot better videos? With some enhanced features yes. but if you follow the “shooting in daylight” and “clean your lens before shooting”, nothing can stop you from getting good quality videos on any phone.

Note: All phones sold these days come with a software update warranty of 4 years, beyond which it could have issues. This year I am planning to get one more standby phone so I can shoot 2 different angles at one time.

2. A tripod or a monopod

A tripod has 3 legs, a monopod has one. Even if you are shooting on the go, which means you are holding your phone and moving around, it’s better to use a monopod for stability.

If you are going to shoot yourself (meaning record yourself on a camera), the phone needs to be on your level, sitting or standing. And a tripod gives you that. Any basic tripod will do. I have one that came free with my DSLR camera. But I prefer using my monopod because it can squeeze in tight corners that to its one leg. The tripod needs more floor space to spread the 3 pods. THIS is the kind of tripod I have and THIS is the monopod. (click on the word to go to the link) The Monopod can also be used with heavy DSLR cameras, and you will need one only if you are short of space and have to move your shoot equipment around a lot, like shooting different places in a room.


3. Bluetooth Remote

Having to start and stop the video by touching the button on the screen not only is tedious but also shakes the video no matter how gentle you are. A Bluetooth remote is best for this purpose. You can get a separate Bluetooth remote online for 250 rupees that works for both Android and Apple. You can see one HERE. My personal favorite is something a friend of mine introduced me to. It’s the WECOOL  selfie stick with a Bluetooth remote.

The selfie stick is small enough to carry it in a handbag. And the remote can be used independently from the selfie stick. In the Reel below, I am using my monopod along with the remote. Using the remote makes it a very easy and quick process when you have to shoot and physically move around. In the reel you also see a wireless light, we will talk about that next.

4. Lights

My lights are my next big investment after my phone. I got them from a physical store called Foto Circle in Bangalore, about five years ago. Picked two battery-operated LED lights, two umbrellas, and two light stands to go with them. I needed wireless ones because, again they go into tight corners and I don’t want the headache of finding a plug point and also being mindful of not tripping over wires. They work well for my kind of setup where I am shooting inside a room and not more than 10 to 15 feet wide. For the above reel, I am using just one light and the result is pretty great. Here is a set of two wired lights that I found online which is offered at a great price and has good reviews

Unfortunately, the wireless one I have is the Simpex light, which no longer seems to be available.

If you are someone who only needs to shoot yourself, then a good-quality ring light will do. The under 1k rupees ring lights are not recommended for professional use. I have tried one and it is very flimsy and unstable. The Digitek one is on my wishlist to buy and it has good reviews too. You can find it here.

NOTE: All of this equipment is a very beginner and pocket-friendly solution. The deeper you get into the subject, the more features you learn and the more expensive the gear gets. But for a small business, this will do.

If you have any doubts, please comment below and I will try to resolve your queries, as best as I can.

Links to products

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Wecool selfie stick with Bluetooth remote – CLICK HERE

Wired lights complete set of two – HERE

Digitek ring light = HERE