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How to style your home like a designer without going to design school with the "Home Styling Techniques 101" course!

ITS LAUNCHED! And here are the first set of reactions!

Its 1299/- and you can get it at 999/-

Its so thrilling to receive this kind of feedback and I am dancing!

Since the time I started my DIY workshops back in mid-2018, I have been receiving requests for doing a home styling workshop. After having conducted a few offline home styling workshops in Bangalore,  The “Home Styling Techniques 101” course that can be accessed from the comfort of your home, at your convenience. 

Styling an Indian Home

"I have the same thing, but it doesnt look so good in my house!"

There is a certain psychology to why things look good. It doesn’t matter if its an old distressed piece, or a brand new shiny object. 

It doesn’t matter if you bought it from a roadside vendor or from an upmarket store. 

You can make it look good. 

You are born creative, you just have to discover!
Home Styling can be learnt!

If I showed you images of my home styling during my initial days, you would be shocked. You would say, “This can’t be Preethi Prabhu. This is horrendous!”.

Well, but it’s true. I had solid red curtains and red mirror and red bedding on a black bed. If I look at it now for a few seconds I get a headache.

The point is, I learnt it and so can you! 

With the powerful techniques of styling that you will learn in this course, you can style anything from home to office and transform your space. 

It is priced at Rs.1299/-. Festival offer of 999/- is currently on.

You can access the course any number of times for 60 days.

With this course, you will look at your home differently and learn to convert your ordinary home decor objects into beautiful vignette and great conversation starters. 


Home Styling Techniques 101

Here's a bonus!

You will get free access to an exclusive curated shopping guide of Indian Home decor product businesses, run by woman entrepreneurs across the country, when you enroll for the “Home Styling Techniques 101” Course. 

How cool is that!

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