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Having started and run a business for over a decade, I have seen it all. From being delighted by the initial boom to the sudden slowdown, the frustration of being stuck at the same level for too long and having to constantly innovate to stay relevant. And each time, it took a lot of learning and experimenting to get through and go to the next level. If I had the knowledge I have now back then, I could have exponentially grown, but that’s the cost of learning. That was when I decided my knowledge could help others and started the one-to-one mentoring sessions.

Who can book a one-to-one mentoring slot?
1. If you are someone who is planning on launching your small business and need some support.
2. If you’ve already launched your business and it did not take off as well as you thought it should have. You need some support on how to get the ball rolling.
3. You have launched your business, you see the potential and you need help going to the next level.
4. You are a home decor business and need help with marketing it.
5. You are an aspiring home decor creator and need help to grow.
What is the expectation from you?
  1. Consider signing up for the one-to-one mentoring only when you are 100% sure. Don’t make decisions in doubt. I will be your partner in your growth and I will need you to be 100% convinced.
  2. Be honest when you share details about your business. The interactions will be private and details will not be shared anywhere without your permission. The more honest and upfront you are, the better I can help you. (P.s. You will not be judged. Not when you are interacting with me and not even if you are networking with the people I have mentored. That is the culture we build and follow.)
  3. During the sessions, I will share tried and tested hacks that have worked for me or the businesses I work with. It will be your responsibility to put them to work. Knowledge is only valuable when it is put into action.


How to sign up?
Click HERE to fill out a form. You will have to share details on your challenges and what kind of help you need. Once I go through that I will revert on email and send in the payment link for a one-hour one-to-one session. It will cost you 2500/- an hour.  The reason why I want people to fill out a form is, that sometimes the solution to some of the challenges is very simple and can be communicated through email and doesn’t need you to book a one-hour session. So if I feel I can add significant value to your work, I will send you a payment link and slot, else I will send you a solution you can work on.
And in case you have any doubts, you can email me on preethi(at)preethiprabhu(dot)com