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The Boho Bedroom
Kantha Quilt and cushion covers
A colorful affair
The idea is to blend colors and textures together without the overwhelming effect
Vintage Brass Lamp with Silk shades
Use colors and textures generously, but keep the walls mellow.
I love to use a lot of Indian crafts in my decor. The mirror work is from Gujrath and the kantha quilt is from Rajasthan.
Handcut paper art.
A brick red handcut paper art, adds to the color of the room.
Boho Style
Personalizing a space.
Little details of styling
An old stone sculpture doubles up as a display for my favorite jewelry display.


The colors & textures on the bed.
Investing in good bed linen that makes you happy is a wise thing to do. Changing the sheets can lift moods on a dull day. Simple eh?

The colors and patterns of the Kantha.


Vintage Stone Sculpture
A closer look at the stone sculpture.
Leather frame mirrors from Gujarath.
While the accessories in the room are bright and colorful, I choose to keep the walls white and chose grey for the accent wall.


Antique four poster bed with kantha Quilt.
The Antique teakwood bed was a precious find from a used furniture dealer in Bangalore.
A boho bed.
I decided to keep the window dressing to a minimum and just use a valance. It dresses up the window without obstructing the light.
A colorful bedroom of a decor enthusiast.
A full view of the four poster bed.