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So many essential skills are not taught in formal education and I wonder why!

 When I started out on my own, I knew I had passion, everything else I was willing to learn. The hardest part however was the “Business” side of pursuing the passion. I did not know that there could be resources available that could make my life easy, probably I did not even try to find it. Everything I learnt through experience, making expensive mistakes that not only cost me money, but the one commodity that I will never get back, “Time”!

A decade later, I still cannot find resources that I could send someone who asks…

How do I get started on my own?

… it’s the most asked question! 

The pandemic has been a blessing in disguise. I spent a lot of time online interacting with different people. One of my favorite night time routine was to chat with a random follower about life, work, passion, home decor, challenges, anything under the sun actually. 

That is when I realized I could offer more than home decor to people. You dont have to put in the uncertainty grind that I did. You can grind where it counts! Grind, you will have to! There is no escaping that.

For my first collaborative project, I am teaming up with Aarthi Sivaramakrishnan of The Colour Company and bringing you a two day webinar called The Small Business Launchpad. (How to build a business and market it)

Where I am today, I could have been five years ago, If I had found myself Aarthi and Preethi ten years ago!

What will you learn in the webinar?

How to freeze on your idea, get off the ground and start marketing your business. Sounds overwhelming? Here is a breakdown of the sessions!

First Part:
1 hour on building your small business: 
  • Converting your skill / passion into a business – pros and cons
  • Getting started – what to look for
  • Understanding your market and audience  
  • Everyday processes in running a business
  • Taking steps towards building sustainability & scale
  • Q n A
Second Part:
1 hour on how to market your small business:
  • Building your marketing support system
  • Marketing vs Sales
  • Building online assets
  • Choose your marketing channel
  • Taking action
  • Q n A

The Schedule:

15 August 2020 (Saturday) – 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM

About the Speakers

Aarthi is a HR professional turned arts entrepreneur. She runs The Colour Company, which grew from being a hobby page to a full fledged business. She went through the entire cycle of fear, doubts and struggles as she made the transition… And today her business is a thriving and successful small business. In this webinar she tells us what it takes to build a small business of your dreams!

Preethi (me), a techie turned Social entrepreneur, Interior decorator, Decor blogger. Took the plunge in 2010 and built a personal brand by doing just one thing, chasing my passion. I started out as giving free advise to friends on how to market on Instagram which gradually transitioned into offline workshops and an online course. In this webinar, i will tell you how you can leverage social media to build your brand. 

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