5 Ways to have a Safe and Sustainable Diwali

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5 Ways to have a Safe and Sustainable Diwali
This post is about how you can have a Safe and sustainable Diwali, have a ball without spending a lot of money. Also in the process you will be an Earth Warrior and save the planet from the comfort of your home. 
1. Switch to oil diyas.
Apart from being one of the safest ways to celebrate Diwali, they also have health benefits. Different oils have different health benefits when used to burn a diya. Earthen diyas are available everywhere and you will have to soak them overnight for them to be ready the next day to use. Else the oil will leak from the bottom. If you want a one time investment, invest in a set of brass diyas and you won’t have to buy diyas every year.
2. Ditch the plastic and paper decorations.
Rather than using paper lanterns and decorations that will go to the dustbin and eventually land up in the landfill, move to organic decorations and compost them instead. Do fresh flowers or even leaves . If you are doing garlands, a spray of water twice a day will keep them fresh for a couple of days. Just make sure you are not spraying around electrical points. Flowers also look more elegant and have festive cheer.
 Mother in laws tongue
3. Grow some fresh air inside your home.
Yes you can do it. No you don’t need big technology equipment. No it won’t break your bank. We have a line of deference for intruders, but there is no way of stopping polluted air from entering and circulating in your house. Also a lot of formaldehyde based gases are generated inside the house itself. You will be surprised that this monstrous problem has a very easy solution. A very simple way of dealing with that and it’s plants, and that too some very common plants. Money plant removes formaldehyde from the air.  I heard a TEDx talk that mentions that a research shows that six to eight waist height snake plant (mother in law’s tongue) can produce enough oxygen for one person. And not only that, the snake plant can stay in dark corners and still looks absolutely stunning. So yes, each and every person can grow their own fresh air in their homes.
4. Use what you have to decorate.
That unused dupatta can be used as a table runner. The saree that never sees the light of the day can be used to decorate the back of your sofa. I am not telling you to cut them up, just use them intelligently. Whiskey and wine glasses can be used to decorate the dining table. Look around and you will be surprised to see the things you have that you can use to decorate. Unless you are a crazy minimalist, even then you are sorted, light one lamp and a couple of leaves from the garden and you are sorted with your decor. If you must spend, go buy something from a small business or a livelyhood project. The money that you spend there puts food on their plate and brings more cheer to their Diwali and brightens yours even more.
 Wine glasses as T light holders
5. Dont do firecrackers.
Well, this is a very obvious one. I know they are a visual treat. but in the process we are trading off to much. The noise pollution, breathing problems, discomfort for pets, fire hazards and fog the next morning is just a few problems that fire crackers cause. Its not worth risking our lives for a few minutes of visual satisfaction. But there is something that can give you a multiplied version of that thrill. Leave some sky lanterns into the air, its beautiful and make you feel so good that you wont miss the fire crackers at all.
Diwali Decor Ideas
So there you go, have a safe and sustainable Diwali celebration my dear Earth Warriors.

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