Decor Resolutions for 2016

Decor Resolutions for 2016

2015 was a year filled with “first times”, experiments and new challenges in terms of design. I took up some design projects, advised on a few other and the experience is definitely going to make the new year a lot easier to deal with. So its time for some resolutions for the new year.

Teak wood nesting tables, antique brass pots filled with flowers

Decor Resolutions are fun. I know I made a few resolutions last year and kept them too, but dint get a lot of time for sharing them. 2016 already looks promising and packed with activities. So here are the decor resolutions

  1. Blog More Decor: I see a lot of fabulous work around me and do a lot of design work myself, it would be a shame if I dint share it. Unlike other social media, blogging is one medium that you know for sure that the audience likes to read you and thats why they come back to your site. That way I am sure that I am not forcing my posts on someone who doesn’t want it. So this year, multiplying the number of posts is definitely on the cards. Original stained glass butterflies by Glasshopper along with some abstract art.
  2. Explore more Heritage: When I see a heritage building, I wonder what secrets the walls hold and how life would have been when it was built. It fascinates me. I believe there is a sea of knowledge hidden in our ancient architecture. The knowledge that we can use in today’s times, knowledge for the sake of knowing and I want to seek it.Stone Sculptures paired with vintage brass lamps
  3. Do & Share more DIY: This one going to be a copy-paste every year. I love to get down and get my hands dirty. It actually keeps me sane and helps me unwind. Irrespective of anything, I continue making something or the other, for the home, to gift, or just for the same DIY. So I am going to push myself into sharing what I do, more often.Sexy Women have messy kitchens
  4.  Dare to be different: One thing that happens to every creative person is that they get too comfortable in a particular style. My resolution for this year is to fight that. Do things that I am otherwise uncomfortable doing, in terms of the decor of course!! Duh! 😛 It’s hard to explain but you’ll know when I share.
  5. Giveaway: When you do a lot of DIY, you end up with a ton of pretty stuff and no place to put them. So one sure-shot way of making sure it gets a place is to look outside your own home. Genius!! I am already excited!

I guess 5 resolutions are good enough for the year. The best thing about making decor resolutions is that you actually keep them 🙂 I am wondering if anybody else makes decor resolutions. Do they?? Do you??

Ps. All images are of my home from my instagram feed HERE.

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