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DIY Decorator – Hanging Art

Art can have a huge impact on our life when you live with them. It’s the shortest vacation that you can take. All you need to do is stare at it for a while, look at all the little details, look how the colors are blending with each other or just stare at the canvas. You will feel so refreshed as if you have been on a vacation or had a good nights sleep.

While we have beautiful artwork, we need to do justice to its beauty by hanging it right. Hanging art too high is one of my pet peeves. I can deal with art hung below eye level, but art hanging too high give me the creeps. Even when I am looking at an image of a space that has art hanging too high I want to drag it down to an acceptable level.

The average height of an eye level of a person is 5 feet. When you are looking into a painting, you should look straight ahead, without lifting your head or dropping it down. So as a thumb rule, make sure the center of the painting is 60 inches from the ground while hanging your paintings. If you are a family of really really tall people, then add a couple of inches, not more than 6 maybe.

If you are doing a gallery wall, make sure the center of the gallery wall is at 60 inches from the ground. Whatever that you put up on your wall, including morals painted directly on the wall, need to be at eye level for maximum impact. Try it first, thank me later.

Some of you who are more adventurous can also try hanging paintings at the eye level when you are sitting down. A painting that is hanging a little on the side table or nightstand looks extremely adorable.

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