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Day 5 – DIY Mixed Media Art

This officially should qualify for a five minute DIY (Provided you have an abstract art piece already), coz that is how much time it took me.

From my understanding, Mixed Media Art, is an art form that combines various forms in one piece. For example, paint, metal mural and paper collage, if they are present in one single canvas or frame, its called a Mixed Media Art.

Sometimes, we buy something or get a gift that really stole our heart, and once we come home with it, we have no idea what to do with it. Its something that most Home Decor Enthusiasts go through at-least once.

I’ve had a 3 piece Buddha mural for several years and it sat in my gift closet, with me not knowing how to display it, where I would do justice to the piece.

The Idea came one day, all of a sudden when I was switching art around the house.

What I used?

  1. An abstract painting that I already had. (Worry not if you dont have one, I have another DIY lined up to make your own)
  2. A Buddha Mural (I had this one too)
  3. 1/2 inch screws
  4. A screw driver

    DIY Mixed Media Art
    The Before.

How I did it?

  1. The abstract art that I have is stretched on a pinewood frame. So the screws needed to be fastened on the frame itself coz the canvas will not take the weight of the mural.
  2. I placed the mural in several places on the frame to see how it would look and finalized where I wanted the mural to be.
  3. I marked the place where I needed to put the screws and used a screw driver to fix the screws to the frame.
  4. I simply hung the mural pieces on the screws and  I was done!!DIY MIxed Media Art

This idea opens up a whole lot of opportunity for Art, two complimenting things can only enhance each others beauty without taking away anything.  The abstract painting and the mural were put together, they look absolutely stunning.

Look for small things in your home that look too insignificant when put on the wall. By mounting it on a contrast abstract art, can up its game several folds.

Happy DIY Month!


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