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Good Homes Magazine Feature – December 2017

Another magazine feature that is also super special – Good Homes Magazine. I have styled a table for two and four before and had never really done an elaborate dinner party table. So when I was asked if I could do one, I jumped at the opportunity.

The decision-making process in my head is so very simple that sometimes I wonder if I should artificially introduce some drama. I don’t seem to sweat the small things at all. Here is how the conversation in my head goes:

Why should I do it?

Coz I have never done it before and I want to give it a try, and since there is a deadline there is a good chance that I will do it.

What could possibly go wrong?

It could turn out to be a terrible disaster and it could get rejected.

Does that bother you?

Nah! At least I tried.

DONE! Go for it!

As simple as that. So when I was asked to do style a Christmas table, this is how the decision was made. The excitement of doing something new was far more than the worry of failing.

The Idea for the Tablescape was to keep it more relaxed than a traditional table, but also not get casual with it. I used a jute table runner to start with. It has a traditional Indian pattern printed on one, so I laid it upside down. Collected a variety of glass vases and jars for my center flower arrangement.

Now, this is where spending hours on Pinterest post-midnight comes in handy. I had seen a post where the transparent tape was used to make a grid on a wide mouth bowl for a flower arrangement. Works like a charm.

Black and white plates, two different styles of table linen and my Diwali t-light candles were planned to go on the table. But I had a feeling that something was missing. When I saw my neighbor trimming her rubber tree, I knew I had to get some leaves.

Fast forward washing, wiping and laying them on the jute runner, the table now looked ready for a grand celebration.

I was quite overwhelmed with how the table turned out. I also shamelessly admit that I became my own fan. I couldn’t believe I had decorated this table. I spent an hour photographing it and another hour sending phone pictures to my close friends boasting about it.

I had such a hard time resisting posting it on my Instagram stories, but I managed it well I guess. I follow an unspoken code of ethics, when I am shooting for someone else, paid or free, I don’t post the images on my feed until it is published on theirs.

So that is the story of my Christmas table. What do you think?

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