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Vision 2018

2017 has been an eventful year for me. It was filled with terrible heartbreaking experiences, or moments that were too good to be true. Nothing in between. I am kind of glad its over and I have a a whole new year to look ahead. Now the goal of any new year should be to improve yourself and to work on things you suck at. So in my list of what I suck at, the first one is “Planning”, so I needed to tackle that. I took a few days off in December just to wrap my head around what I need to do to gear up for the new year. I listed down everything that is important to me and added to it the things I want to do and put it in different categories and this is what I got. 

  1. Family: This one was more of a team effort. I wrote down all of these categories and presented it to my children to fill up to see what their goals for 2018 are. Dint have to do it with hubs coz he talks about it all the time. Now all I have to provide for it in my goal, so I can help them achieve their goals. Simple enough!  One other thing I want to do is to ensure I call and talk to my mum at least once a day and visit my elder sister in Canada maybe during the last quarter of the year.
  2. Career: Work is my sacred place and its what is truly mine. I am very happy with the way work panned out and there have been some very valuable lessons. For me its more of how I make the money rather than how much I make. So the plan for 2018 is to take fewer decorating projects and do only the ones that I am happy doing.
  3. Travel: My plan is to do an outstation trip every quarter and the first and the last quarter is figured out already. Most of them will be to learn new things, understand a different culture or cuisine and explore not so touristy places. I am not the “book a resort and chill” kind of person. Small weekend getaways will be a bonus.
  4. Personal development: I used to go to random workshops earlier which I loved, but last couple of years got so busy that I was stretched for time. This year however since I have already thinned down my work, I would certainly want to accommodate enrolling in some creative workshops, at-least one in every 2 months which i think is doable. One other thing I want to do is meet creative people and see what I can learn from each one of them. And before I forget! Do more DIY!
  5. Health: I dont worry too much about the little extra weight that I carry around, for the simple reason, I dont abuse my system. I very rarely do junk food, dont pop pills when sick and try natural remedies and I dont do oral contraception. I have taken care of one dengue, one viral fever and one cold and flu in my house, which happened all at the same time and by the end of it, what I needed was a vacation and not a doctor so my immunity is pretty much in good shape. What I would like to do though is drink more water, coz I suck at that and I need to improve what I suck at. So any tips on making sure you drink more water?
  6. Friends: One thing that I am very grateful for is the good friends that I have made, its also the biggest earning of my life. Not too many, not too little, just the right number for me to make sure I can be there whenever they need me. One other reason for reducing my workload is so I can get more time with my friends.
  7. Community: The most amazing thing that happened in 2017 is the community that I built around my blog and social profiles. The plan definitely is to nurture that and see how I can impact. Put out good quality content and do it in a more consistent and sustainable manner. One other thing which I am doing already and I want to do more, is mentor people who have reached out to me.
  8. Wealth: I feel I am the least ambitious person around. I dont aspire to buy a house or a car or fancy clothes and jewelry. I dont even aspire to holiday in exotic locations. (am I the latest incarnation of Buddha or what?)Having said that I do want to earn a comfortable living and fund the simple aspirations of my kids. And this year I want to buy health insurance for all of my team members.

Now this is my vision for my personal life for 2018. I have done the same thing for my work and my blog, and it when I transfer it to a calendar, I have full year planned.

If you are single, add love or marriage goals. If you are an adventure junkie, add adventure. So the very first step for creating your vision board is list down everything that matters to you and decide what you want to do.

P.s. There will be a ton of good content and gorgeous giveaways planned for the weeks ahead. Just to let you know, there is some awesome stuff like art, vintage pieces, textile and lamps in the list. So stay tuned!

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