10 Things about me that is Proof that I don’t qualify to be an Adult

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I have been thinking about these things for quite some time now. I am trying to figure out exactly at what point my brain stopped developing the “Adult’ing skills. Well, not really! I remember being an adult for a brief period of time, it wasnt all that fun. Also it was too much hard work, so I went back being who I was in the first place and there are very few things adult about me.
Here are 10 things about me that is Proof that I dont qualify to be an Adult.
1. I need full a 8 hrs of sleep. And when I wake up, I am all happy and cheerful and the world around is happy. But if I wake up in between my good sleep time, no one can come within ten feet radius, else they get their heads bitten off.
2. I get cranky when I am hungry. Well, that’s not news I am sure. All my friends know it, my husband dreads it. He even gives me specific instructions on the phone “stop everything you are doing and go buy a banana and eat!”.  On the other hand, I am the happiest when I am well fed. Totally in peace!
3. I don’t over think stuff. (This is the gateway to true happiness.) If someone said something to me, I take it at face value and don’t evaluate what they said and why they said it. Also, when I talk, I talk straight to the point, no read between the lines kind of situation. Less drama, less headache.
4. I can’t eat anything that has sugar in the evenings or later. Coz I get a sugar rush and I go buzzing all evening and won’t get sleep. I know its a toddler thing, and I cant help it. (Truth can be very embarrassing at times.)
5. I suck at being “business” like. Work is very personal and I can’t get myself to be the “itna Paisa mein itnaahi milega” (you get only what you pay for) type when it comes to my work. My friends and my clients warn me tell me I do way more than what money I take, but it’s just how I am. And it’s also why I don’t take projects from total strangers coz I don’t want to be taken advantage of. (Some adult quality there, maybe?)
6. I don’t aspire for fancy stuff or big cars or exotic holidays. Well, well well! Point 5 could be a result of point 6. I suck at wanting the finer things in life, designer clothes, jewelry, exotic holidays don’t excite me as much as a native craft, new paint finish or art supplies. I want to travel to see skilled people at work and soak in that experience and document it. I dont feel no peer pressure at all. Why should I do something just coz someone else did it? I will do what I want to do!
7. I still play house house. He he.. that’s a no brainier when you know I love to decorate. I have never had a tea party where I am serving tea to imaginary guests on empty chairs. Maybe I will, soon. That will be fun.
And no! I like to play house house alone, so no one is getting invited. Just letting you know!
8.I can’t be mad for a long time. Now this is one thing that people who know me take gross advantage of. When I am mad at you, just leave me alone. Come back after an hour, I would have forgotten why I was mad. Sometimes I remember I was mad, but don’t remember why, so what is the point of being mad! (I need to work on this.)
9. I don’t worry about what others think of me. The “log Kya kahenge” gene is practically missing. I have the ultimate knowledge required for enlightenment that no matter how good you are, somebody will hate you or find fault. So just do what you want to do and other people will fall in place if they dont, they can take a hike.  Choosing between making everyone happy (which is impossible) and make one person happy (myself) I choose the later. See that wasn’t difficult at all. Was it?
10. I can’t watch serious movies. Kids animation and super heros are my thing! (No Dead pool, too much filthy language) The thing is, there are zillions of depressing issues in the world. And most of it is pushed in your face on social media. Hate and negative stuff spreads easily and people consume it and share it more freely than positive news. So when I want to entertain myself, why would I watch serious stuff? Thats not entertainment, thats torture!
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