A New Chapter

A New Chapter

I am starting this blog at a time when I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life. Yup, Finally!! tying the knot. But let me clarify, it wasn’t planned that way, it’s just a mere coincidence and a very pleasant one. New blog, new life, new home, yoohoo…

So the man I am marrying is a Leo (sun sign) going by his date of birth that is and he is a very good one at that. Let’s just call him “The Lion” on this blog. He is kind, big-hearted, optimistic, straightforward, and funny. Tall and handsome are just bonuses. He has me under some kinda spell for more than a year now and I am convinced that I am trapped for life. Like, it’s such a task to drag him into an argument and all he has to do is smile that cute smile and I will be melting like ice cream on a hot day, feeling like a complete idiot for starting it in the first place. I guess love does that to you, but that doesn’t mean I will give up trying to argue.  So, long story short, my Twitter intro will be changed from “Wild n Free, Happily Single” to “Willingly Married, Skillfully Domesticated” 😀

I must admit, that after the initial excitement, it hit me that I have to pack up and move from my current house. The place that took me a few years to set up and decorate and make a cozy home, now I have to give it up and move someplace else. The Lion and I both have a house full of stuff, so the challenge really is to de-clutter and let go of a few things so two houses can become one Home. So with Lion’s permission, this teeny tiny blog of mine is going to be my progress journal. Some fun thing to do while there is a mountain of work staring into your face.

I hate blog posts without pictures, so here is a picture of my favorite corner in “My home”. 😀

Gujrathi leather frame Mirrors with a rosewood planters chair.
My kutch mirror corner.

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