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Active Life – Being Hacked – Bouncing Back

I read somewhere that it is hard to balance more than two things at a time and even if you want, one of the things always takes a hit. Many people talk about Work-Life Balance, but I wish it was more simpler than that. In short, when life happens, everything that is not on your critical list takes a backseat. For me I am on several boats at the same time. I have a Family, Work, Friends, social life and a virtual life through this blog, all in the same order of priority.  Family, work and friends are my identity and I don’t see a life without them. If I was asked to sacrifice something out of the list, it would be my social life. But this virtual world has been very patient and waiting, people coming to the blog looking for new updates, finding none and still coming back another day. I was just not able to find the time to deal with it.  But that changed a few weeks ago.

Since I get emails asking why there are no new updates and my friends keeps pushing me saying I need to blog more and it’s the responsibility of a creative person to put out information for free, I decided to do something about it. What happened next, I wasn’t prepared for. When I tried logging into my website, all hell broke lose, I lost access and before I knew it my site was redirecting to some other affiliate sales website. My website was hacked!  It was immediately put on maintenance mode and the restoration of data and securing it took about a month. During the time the site was down, I felt like I had lost my identity. Like Murphy’s law, every other person I met wanted to look at my blog and I had nothing to show. Brands wanted to collaborate and I had nothing to show. I had so many ideas that I wanted to put out and I had only notepads and word documents and it was frustrating. I felt on the edge all the time, irritated, cheated and lost. It was crazy coz all of a sudden I dint know what was happening. That was when I realized that my blog matters to me as much as the rest of the things, it was a part of my work.
Well, the outcome of every adverse situation should be that you come out stronger, push harder and hold on tighter. So the latest update is that I have hired help to manage my work more efficiently. Listed out some exciting work that I want to share and made a plan to go forward. Hoping for the best.

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