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Make a Statement with The Asian Paints Woodtech Studio

The Asian Paints Woodtech Studio will completely revolutionize how we look at our wooden furniture. Its time to revisit that pinterest board and recreate some gorgeous looks with beautiful painted furniture for indoor and outdoor. 

For the longest time, I have been wanting to give my wood wicker sideboard a makeover. It is a beautiful piece of furniture, but the flat wood polish does not do justice to the beauty of the wicker. Against the backdrop of the uber gorgeous gallery wall, it is crying for a makeover. I realized doing a DIY, is going to be a messy experiment and I am not even sure of the result. Finally, Asian Paints Woodtech Studio is the answer to my prayers.

If you are a wooden furniture lover like me, you know we have limited options when it comes to the colour of the furniture. If you wanted bright colours on your furniture, you had to use oil enamels that are messy and smell for days. All that is about to change with the new Asian Paints Woodtech Studio, with their new, technologically advanced product Woodtech Palette.

I can already visualize my sideboard, transformed into a statement piece complimenting the wall. One other thing that I am excited about is that the uneven surface of the wicker, when sprayed with paint develops a beautiful shadow kind of effect giving the piece more character. Its the same with carved furniture too.

My WoodWicker Sideboard waiting to get a makeover at the Asian Paints Woodtech Studio

The services are already available in Asian Paint signature stores in Mumbai, Kolkatta and Delhi. I cant wait for the service to be introduced in Bangalore.

Why you should Visit the Signature Stores in your City and check out the Asian Paints Woodtech Studio?

Let me keep the technical terms aside and tell you what this new technologically advanced paint can do.

What I loved the most about the new Asian Paints Colour on wood service, is that the they have a fabulous range 150 stylish colours for interior and exterior.

The UV guard protects the paint from cracking and discoloring when exposed to direct sunlight and the flexible film expands and contracts with the wood. Now you can have wooden furniture in the balconies and terrace gardens without having to worry about damage.

They are quick drying, scratch and stain resistant and also will not yellow over a period of time. The formulation is also highly heat resistance and can stand the boiling water test, which makes it ideal for breakfast tables and dining without having to worry about looking for coasters to keep your hot pots.

You can also choose to have a clear gloss or matt finish depending on your decor.

If you are the wild and ready to experiment kinds,you should try the  florescent and metallic colour on their pallete.

All of this is a spray solution and the colour will be distributed evenly and give the look of luxury.

If you like to see the grains of your wooden funiture and dont want a solid colour on it, well they have 30 diffent options for wood stains too.

If all this is not enough, the cherry on top is that the paints are lead free, child safe and come with a five year warranty.

The colour options available at the new Asian Paints Woodtech Studio

You can know more about the Asian Paints Woodtech Studio here. Go-ahead, turn your ordinary pieces of furniture into style statements.


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