5 ChildProofing Ideas For Your Home From Cubby Tales

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5 ChildProofing Ideas For Your Home From Cubby Tales

This post is about childproofing ideas that I have implemented at Cubby Tales, a Daycare and Pre-school currently based in Bangalore. Cubby Tales was my first Daycare/Preschools project and most likely the only Daycare/Pre-school project, Coz thanks to the fool that I am, I fall in love with the project and people there and working for someone else feels like I am cheating. You can check them out on their website www.cubbytales.com (no prizes for spotting my picture there)

I visited a Daycare that had chart paper stuck on electrical outlets that were within a childs reach and I had nightmares for several days. Childproofing is a critical activity that needs to be carried out if you have a baby or a toddler. While ensuring that there are no sharp edges and pointed things within the reach of your kids, here are a few other things that you can do to ensure that your space is safe for your kid. You cannot eliminate accidents completely, but you can surely ensure that you minimize it.

  1. Plug all power outlets with the dummy plug. Whether or not at your child’s level, ensure all your electrical sockets are plugged in with a dummy plug. If you have to use it, you can remove the dummy plug and religiously install it back tightly after use. Its hard for an adult to pluck them out, so you can be sure your toddler wont be able to. These are available at any electrical stores and are very inexpensive. (It may be called different things in different places, so just take a screen shot of this image and show it to your local vendor)ChildProofing Ideas
  2. Install nets. Nets keep the birds out and the kids in. If have a dangerous stair case or balcony railing that you’re afraid your kid will climb on to secure them with bird net. Bird nets are typically used to keep pigeons away in balconies and can be very securely installed. They also made in custom sizes so need not worry if they are available in the size of your balcony.
  3. Fixed Barricades. Staircases are one of the most dangerous places for toddlers and securing them should be your top priority. Baby gates are now available in India and they are free from any carpentry or fixing work. All you need to do is tighten them against the wall and the staircase railing and you are done. If you are the DIY kind, make one of your own, but ensure that small fingers should not be trapped in the hinges.Cubby Tales Koramangala
  4. Free Standing barricade. Put a stand-alone barricade in front of a place that you don’t want your kid to access and let your kid know. Unless you have an extremely hyper kid who doesn’t listen to anything you say, this works. Once told kids generally don’t venture beyond the barricade. We do that a lot at Cubby Tales and we hardly have any instances of kids misbehaving. P.s. This is for normal spaces like kitchen or Puja room, if you think the space is dangerous, install fixed barricade and secure well.Cubby Tales Hebbal
  5. Soft pad a dangerous area. If you have a pillar in the middle of the room or a wall at the end of a long corridor inside the house that you kid bumps into while running, consider sort padding. Furniture foam is available in furnishing store and a high density 1 inch foam is good enough even your kid’s bangs in to it while running. You can apply the foam directly on the wall, if you want a polished look, cover it with bright fabric (or art leather if you want to wipe it with damp cloth)Childproofing ideas for your home

When we want our children to fall and learn to get up on their own childproofing your home ensures that its geared up to handle a little person . Also you can move about peace knowing that your child is safe left on its own.

P.s. Cubby Tales Koramangala is having a fun event for kids this week, so if you are around, go grab a seat.

Cubby Tales Koramangala

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