Home Decor Maximalist – P.Sunita

Home Decor Maximalist – P.Sunita

Preethi: I was awestruck when I discovered Sunita’s home on Instagram. It is an Indian maximalist dream come true. I can stare at these images of her home all day and write a ten-page essay on why I love it so much. The colors, the collection of brass vessels and the artifacts, the plants, and the styling. I will make a list of five things I love about her home at the end of this blog, lets get to know the maximalist, and how she curates and maintains her home. You can find her Instagram account HERE.


Your name, location, and number of members living in the house?

Sunita: I’m P. Sunita, and I reside in Hyderabad with three others in our home.

How would you describe your home style?

Sunita: My home style is classy heritage-based and each corner has a story of its own, be it my hometown, my children’s workplace, my tour diary with friends, my better half, and my closest ones.

How and when did you start collecting? (how many years ago)

Sunita: I inherited from childhood and was fascinated by branches of bougainvillea and money plant which was interwound and turned out to be my side tables with runners handmade. That’s from my Jabalpur when I was in my teens. The actual collection started in 1995 after shifting to Hyderabad.

What are your criteria for selecting art and artifacts for your home?

Sunita: My criteria for art forms or artifacts are eye soother placement, a background where it fits, and longevity.

How do you budget for buying artifacts that are priced higher and need planning? 

Sunita: Not always the articles selected needed budget thinking, but lots of time, aesthetics, yes when I was doing my present home, which took time to be handed out, could plan a part of my expenses for that, say my antique door setting with others to accompany it.

How do you maintain your home? What is your dusting and cleaning schedule? 

Sunita: My cleaning routine is like

a) Everyday superficial cleaning
b) Weekly floor wise
c) Diwali cleaning is meticulously planned, where every nook corner, everyone’s decorated be it my door hangers, my lill garden and all.

What are some of your favorite Indian arts and crafts?

Sunita: Sky is the limit to choose, I love Bapu paintings, Lambada work, Tangkha work of Himachal, brass from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Cheriyal from Andhra Pradesh, terracotta from Goa, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh the list is endless.


 What is your advice for a newbie collector?

Sunita: Don’t get tempted by seeing at a home décor store, don’t only concentrate on buying expensive items but strike a balance between aesthetics and utility.

2 Indian maximalist homes you love?


What do you do for a living?

Sunita: I’m a partner in a business dealing with powder paints.

Anything else that you want to say to the world or me?

Sunita: Thanks for making me special by selecting my home🏠.



Here are 5 things I love about Sunita’s home, which you can incorporate into yours!

  1. The wall color! The use of grey in a warm tone perfectly compliments her collection of artifacts.
  2. The pops of color. While she has a lot of wood tones, there are pops of reds and blues and yellow in furniture, art, and artifacts. It keeps your eye interested and doesn’t let you get bored.
  3. The potted plants in the brass pots. STUNNING! I somehow feel brass and green plants are a match made in heaven. You can never go wrong with it.
  4. The smart layering! You can see a lot of things in one frame, but it doesn’t feel cluttered or out of place. everything looks like it belongs there and that is a strength of a stylist.
  5. The Prabhavali Gallery. The art in it! Absolute drool-worthy. I have a blog post on Prabhavalis and where to find them. You can read the blog post HERE.

Thank you so much Sunita for taking the time out for us.

If you have any questions for Sunita or me, do comment below and I will try my best to reply to all of them.

P.s: COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER! The Copyright to all images in this blog post belongs to P. Sunita and are shared with preethiprabhu.com exclusively for this feature. DO NOT COPY OR USE WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE OWNER. 

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