How many times have we thought of junking our phone coz it doesn’t take good pictures anymore?? If I took a rupee for every time someone agreed with me on this, I would be a millionaire in a day.

Scene 1: Bright sunny day, happy weather, you take your phone out and click a picture. The picture feels like its cloudy as hell!!

Scene 2: Beautiful warm evening light, shiny brass vignette on the coffee table, you decide to share it on your insta story and take a picture. Looks like a picture from a shady bar!

Being a visual person who loves capturing moments in a picture, I have been there too many times. It is not possible to carry the DSLR everywhere. A new phone took brilliant pictures. But as it got older, the pictures did not look all that great. With people going gaga about iphone photography and my middle class upbringing not letting me splurge on something that is not an absolute necessity, I had to figure something out.

Here is what I discovered,and you can do this exercise.

  1. Take a picture of something near you.
  2. Take a soft tissue or a piece of soft cotton cloth (DRY), and give the camera a good wipe. (the back camera of the phone)
  3. Take the same picture again.

One Silly trick to take better pictures on your phone #isavedmyphone

This above image was sent to me by dear friend Patricia of Colours Dekor.


DO YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE??? Super silly right?? I wish I had discovered this sooner, I would have has so many good pictures now. Now I dont have to change my phone. Yayy!!

If you discovered it now, use the hash tag I saved my phone ( #isavedmyphone ) and post it on any of your social accounts (Instagram is my favorite) and lets see how many phones we can save.

Ps. All three images are taken from three different phones and no image editing has been done. 


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