DIY Feature Wall – Makeover story

DIY Feature Wall – Makeover story

A feature wall can be a focal point in any room. Here is a quick, easy, and budget-friendly DIY Feature wall that I created. 

My current office is a box-shaped space with no interesting architectural elements and run the risk of being too office’y. I needed a beautiful warm space where I could have meetings and people would feel comfortable and nice. I set out to clearly demarcate them and I realized the only way to deal with that was to split them into four quadrants to use the space effectively. Here is an Instagram of what I had in mind for my space.

Instagram feed of a poor sketch

After I had finalized the location of the meeting/lounge space, it was time to get to work. Since there was a window right next to it, I knew there would be a ton of natural light and I could get adventurous with the color. I decided to do a black! It was the first time I was using black on a wall, so my only odds were that if it didn’t work, I could get it repainted.

I looked up the Asian paints catalog and got a color that looked like black to me, but when I did the test patch on the wall, it turned out to be a reddish-brown. Nothing can be more disappointing than wanting to start painting and realizing you have the wrong color. Instead of revisiting the color guide, I decided to do a chalkboard black.

The black board wall

This is what I got at the end of it. While I loved the black wall, I dint want it to absorb all the light. So the best way to reflect light is to use a mirror. I had previously used Bhuj Mirrors on my bedroom wall.

Leather frame mirrors from Bhuj

I believe, why to use just one when you can use many. So I picked up some more mirrors of different shapes and sizes from Gurjari and they went on the wall. Any kind of gallery wall needs planning, so since this was a blackboard wall, it was all the easier to draw them out before hanging them.


Then all it took was getting a carpenter to drill the holes and put up the screws.

Gujarathi Leather mirrors and kantha chairs

So here is my little piece of drama in my office space.

the first look

This is the first arrangement that I styled in front of my DIY Feature wall. Subsequently, the wall has seen other arrangements too. Here are a few of my posts on Instagram

The DIY Feature wall enjoyed by all


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