Cleaning Candles: How to care for candles

Cleaning Candles: How to care for candles

Cleaning candles is a tricky thing. The wax is greasy and dust tends to stick further, but with just a little care they can be as good as new.

I love candles!

Candles make the easiest and most dramatic decor element in a home. They are a must-have in every home. I’ve never met a lady who doesn’t like candles.

Candles of different sizes burning

While regular candles are not hard to find, good-quality decorative candles are almost a luxury. They are for sure cost-effective Decor elements but are definitely not cheap.  They make wonderful gifts and make the receiver of the gift super happy.

But more often than not, we either keep them tucked away into the closet or keep them around with their polythene covers on. Reason? The common Indian household problem – is dust! and Cleaning Candles is a challenge. Moreover, wax is also a kind of oil. The dust particles seem to stick to them and regular dusting doesn’t seem to help.

Pearl candles with greasy dust on them. Learn the art of Cleaning Candles.

I love to display candles around the house, so I had to come up with a solution to make my candles dust-free again. Someone suggested I hold them under running water. Excuse me!!! I have more than a dozen candles and I can imagine the amount of water I will be wasting.

Here is how Cleaning Candles became easy.

This is all you need.

Cleaning Candles, Liquid dishwashing soap, bowl and scrub

I wash all my candles in one go, so it takes about 20 minutes or so. Here is what I did

Step 1: I dipped the top of the candle(where the dust is) in clean water.

Step 2: dipped the sponge in the liquid soap and water solution and gently cleaned the top of the candle.

Step 3: Continue steps 1 and 2 until the surface is clean.

Step 4: wipe dry with a paper towel. Let it air dry. (Use the candles only after an hour or so)

Washed candles.
Just Washed!

It’s so simple yet complicated. The dust doesn’t come off with just water, certain soaps give so much foam that you end up using a lot of water. This is by far the most effective way of making your candles new again.

BUrning candles

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