The Festival Color Palette

The Festival Color Palette

This post is announcing the color palette that I have chosen for the festival season, the upgrades that I plan to do and also the philosophy that I am applying this year to my festival celebrations. 

Festivals are a big deal for me, I think every festival season I repeat it so many times that people who read me regularly have it etched in their brain for good. Non festival times itself, I am constantly making changes to the home, but come festival season, my brain goes berserk and wants to do a ton of stuff and wants to do it now. Doesn’t make much sense, but everything doesn’t have to make sense anyway.

So every year for the festival season, i simply go with the flow. For my Dasara dolls display, I add one or two new dolls., have a puja at the office and for Diwali, add something new in the house. Last year I added the world famous mirror wall on my wallpapered wall, which people I have never met in my lifetime are threatening me to not make any changes. The year before last, I added the three pendant lights in the corner with the hot pink pumpkin light which I absolutely adore.

Also, last year for Dasara, I opened my studio out for strangers and had the very first open house. I couldn’t believe people actually came to see me from all over the city, some as much as from 40 kms away. I have no idea what I have done to deserve that, but I am grateful with all my heart.

This year I want to do something different, I have decided to not bring in anything new for Dasara or for Diwali and work with what I already have. The self imposed restriction applies to both home and me. Nothing new for the home, no new clothes or shoes or accessories for me. I am sure I will survive, that much will power I seem to have.

A Pink and blue bohemian planter against a mirror wall

I found my color scheme for the festival seasons in this planter basket. The hot pink I already have in the form of the hanging pendant light, i am going to add rich tones of blues and purples to compliment the color. I have already turned the upstairs bedroom into a junk yard, trying to find and collect pretty much anything and everything that have rich pinks, blues and purples. From saris to stoles to accessories to cushion covers to art, all that is lying on the bed  waiting to be sorted soon. Also, from the time I decided the color scheme, i can only see pinks and blues and purples.

Here are a few things that I plan to do this year:

  1. The white walls in the house have completed almost five years without touch up and there are dirt marks and finger prints in a few places that I want cleaned and refreshed with a coat of paint.
  2. I have a large inventory of fabric (Read I am a fabric hoarder)  I want to recover stained red sofa and the two danish chairs. Ethnic Indian Decor.
  3. One instagram follower gave me a solid idea to upgrade my mirror wall to the next level, So I am going to do that. Dont want to reveal what it is.mirror wall
  4. My gallery wall along the staircase will get all mixed up and I plan to switch things up a little bit to give it a different look.How to make a gallery wall
  5. Diwali decor is mostly going to be my trusted brass oil lamps and marigold flowers. No t-lights again this year.
  6. I also plan to give my daughter a temporary gallery wall in her room using the stick on hooks. She has a couple of her dream catchers and some pretty hanging stuff that she has collected.

Apart from that I think I am simply going to focus on having some fun and chilling with my family. What are your plans?


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