The Home Decor Thrift Pop Up – Bangalore

The Home Decor Thrift Pop Up – Bangalore

Being an avid DIYer, compulsive experimenter, blogger, and Influencer marketing person, one can end up with a lot of stuff. And when you are that, and people see you doing your stuff, whenever friends and family come across something that needs attention, it comes straight to me with the statement “I am sure you will do something with it!”. And I do! (Sometimes it takes a couple of years, but I do for sure.) And the ones that are ready, need to be displayed or used somewhere. A lot of my DIY’s I use around my house, but some of them I have to part with or store because not everything can be out in the open.

I wanted a place where I could let go of the things I did not want and also not be spending a lot of time and effort doing it, so I came up with the idea that I should have a once-a-month Home Decor Thrift Pop-Up. The goal is to find permanent homes for the things.

Are there thrift shops in Bangalore?

Honestly, I don’t know! I have seen some people sell clothes, for home decor, I am not aware of. If you guys know of any please let me know, I will be happy to check them out and see how we can work together.

When is the Home Decor Thrift Pop-up?

7th July 2022, Thursday 11 am to 4 pm. 

Why is it on a Thursday? Well, my weekends are busy and so are the weekends at the venue. I want only the very intentional buyers to come, who will appreciate what they get and the price at which they are getting it. If someone with a shoestring decorating budget gets a rug for 500/- I believe they will put the effort to plan their life around the day and date.

I don’t want someone coming and buying half of what’s on display because it’s cheap. I want each person to take something home that they love or need and appreciate.

This brings us to the question!

What will be the pricing?

Prices will be at 10/-, 20/-, 30/-, 50/-, 100/- 500/- and an occasional 1000/-. Sustainability for me is not only being earth-friendly but also human-friendly. It is not sustainable for someone if it hurts their pocket, hence the pricing.

I am really trying to steer clear of freebies, so you will have to pay for what you want.

Where will it be?

At the Bangalore Creative Circus, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore. The address and location details are available HERE on their website. BCC as the name suggests is a very inspiring creative space that every creative person can draw from. They have been very kind by letting me use their space to execute this crazy idea of mine.

You might have seen photos and videos of Girija painting the large mural on their front facade and me monkeying around. There are so many other art installations around to admire and a canteen to fill our belly. So everything we need is right at BCC, all you need to do is bring yourself 🙂

What will be available for sale?

A lot of home supplies. Art, decor, bits and bobs, fabric, furnishing, craft supplies maybe. As and when we are prepping for the event and putting things together, I will update a few pictures here.

Also, The Preloved Co will be at the venue, selling preloved clothing. So you can bring your friend who is not a decor enthusiast but loves clothes.


Is there a hidden agenda?

Well, once it’s published here, it will no longer be hidden, so here is the scoop. This event is designed to do a lot of things.

  1. The first is that I am in a major decluttering mode and this will be an outlet for everything I want to let go. Finding homes for the things I have loved is important to me.
  2. The money that is generated from the sale will give me the flexibility to experiment and put out more DIY content for you to try. And a percentage of it will go to BCC so they can keep the place going.
  3. For the last two years, I have heavily restricted access to me to anyone outside of my innermost circle. I don’t pick up calls, no WhatsApp or messages, I sometimes reply to emails if I want to. (Why is a story for another day) This will be a community event where I plan to be present all day long. So it’s also a once-a-month meet and greet where you can come to see me and my team(and bring us cookies!) and we can talk about decor, upcycling, and all things that excite us as humans.
  4. It will be a day of creative collaboration. You are working on a DIY and you are stuck on something, bring it, and let’s move it forward. Eventually, I want to have a day where we all work on our projects, sipping on something, happy chatter, and just pure good vibes! The simple task of sitting with other creative people and working on your project can do wonders for a creator’s well-being. When we go back, we would have accomplished far more than what we set out to do. Doable you think? It just needs two or three people to set the tone. I am here, join in.

How can you participate?

  1. COME! Make yourself available at the event, it would be lovely to see you. Bring your own bags!
  2. Spread the word. Share this blog post or creative with someone or some group you think will be happy to come or will find it interesting.
  3. If you would like to help or volunteer do fill out THIS google form so we can get in touch with you.

Anything else you want to know or tell me, please comment below.

See you soon!


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