5 Must Have tools for a DIY decor Enthusiast

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5 Must Have tools for a  DIY decor Enthusiast

Here are the 5 must have tools for a DIY Decor Enthusiast. Tools that make life easy, tools that make DIY so much more fun.

1. A drilling machine (with masonry and general bits)

Weather you want to hang a picture on the wall or drill a hole into a wood plank, a drill gun is the most handy choice. The masonry bit lets you drill holes in the wall and the general bits can drill into wood, plastic, cardboard, etc,. A variety of options are available in the online and offline. Mine is a light weight drill that I picked up from one of the small vendors in the Bangalore KR Market area. Its been with me for a few years now and I’ve never had an issue with it.

2. Staple gun

A staple gun is an absolute absolute gift from the almighty, whoever invented it, I cant thank him enough. From attaching fabric to canvas, to picture frames to changing upholstery, a staple gun makes life so much more easy. Attaching the fabric to the dining chair takes less than a minute. Literally!! A must have for every DIY Decor Enthusiast.

3. Glue Gun

Another gun for the DIY’ers pocket, the glue gun. Stick anything to anything, anywhere and expect it to bond within seconds. I used a glue gun for this Pyramid project. Note: the glue gets really hot and any contact with skin can burn severely. I will not recommend it if you have a tiny toddler around while you work.

4. Hammer, Cutting plyer and Screwdriver

Well, these are the good old tools that have supported mankind for so long, and they deliver. If you have an old fashioned hammer (where you can hammer from both sides), consider buying one that has the nail remover on one side.

5. Safety Gear

Safety glasses, gloves or masks. Whatever that you do on a regular basis, use safety gear accordingly. Its easy to overlook, but dont. I drill a lot, and after a narrow escape from something that flew at my eye, I make sure I wear my safety glasses.

With these 5 must have tools. any DIY Decor Enthusiast can become a DIY Diva.

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