Vintage Ethnic Look – Mood Board

Vintage Ethnic Look – Mood Board

Vintage Ethnic Look MoodBoard is a post on how anyone can put together a Vintage ethnic look for their home without the help of a decorator. 

When I shared the pictures of my home with Disha, she had a series of questions for me. One of them was “How do you give your home an ethnic look?”. While I managed to put something together then, it stayed on my mind. Was it possible to simplify it, if someone wanted to just follow some instructions and get the look? I think it is! And its going to be fun!

So here is what I put together for the Vintage Ethnic Look – Moodboard 1. The first mood board may not need a lot of investment and can be collected over a period of time and put together.

Vintage Ethnic Look - Moodboard 1

Here is everything that you will need for your vintage ethnic look, all of them are investments for life, and you won’t need to change them often.

So let’s get started.

Indian Vintage Ethnic Look

  1. If you already have wardrobes and cabinets, consider swapping the handles and knobs for these cut glass handles. They transform the look immediately.
  2. Invest in some traditional brass figurines, remember the stuff your grand-mum would have. There are tons of sites selling brass things, so this step is not the difficult one.
  3. Get yourself some standing brass lamps. Nothing screams ethnic more than the soft glow of the oil lamp.
  4. Add some carved wood. Wall panels, brackets that can be used as a pair and put a glass shelf on, furniture, anything. If it speaks to you, go for it.
  5. Add some prints from the yester years. The market is flooded with Raja Ravi Verma Prints, old, and new, canvas, and some even reproduced by young artists. Depending on your budget, you are sure to find something.
  6. Bring in the stone! Stone sculptures have a beauty of their own, they can even outshine the shiny brass at times. Finding them could be a challenge, coz of the weight they are not sold online. Visit local craft stores, craft melas, etc,. Get recommendations from friends.
  7.  Bronze figurines! The almost black metal is a must-have for a Vintage Ethnic Look.

Don’t be in a hurry, let the collected look slowly emerge.

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