50 Decor Ideas from my Indian home that you can Steal – Part 1 (1-25)

Change is the only constant in my home. I am constantly styling and restyling. It’s my go to activity when I am happy, when I am stressed when I am bored or any state of mind. Really!

So I decided to make a list of 50 ideas you can steal from my home. I have to split it into 2 parts because otherwise its going to be a very long post. This is part 1.

SO here are 1 – 25 of the 50 ideas from my home that you can steal!

Lets do this!
1. Use the mother-in-law’s tongue plant indoors

If you love plants inside your home but can’t keep them alive, get a Mother-in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria ) plant. They do well in low light and need very minimal watering. If you are going to place it in a dark corner, water only once in 2 or 3 weeks and put it in a bright indirect light space for a week. Even better, have 2, one in a bright indirect space and 1 in low light, swap them every 2 weeks.

2. Add art in unusual places

Like inside of a bookshelf or in between your desk and the floating shelf. There are no rules with art, put it wherever you feel like, where you can catch a glimpse of it and feel the joy.

3. Use old vessels as Planters

If you are like me, who loves to collect old brass vessels, you know there are limited options to display them. One easy way to enjoy them is to convert them to planters. The combination of brass and green is breathtaking.

A brass planter with a Khavda pottery wine decanter on a distresed side table. Home Tour Preethi Prabhu

4. Make a statement with subtle stencil

Want to keep a wall light but still crave some design or pattern? I have you covered. Paint stencils in a shade darker than the wall color. ONE SHADE! Like in the picture below. It’s still white, and the stencil is also white simply a different shade. Pictures do not do justice to how beautiful this looks. Whatever you do, it has to look great to your naked eye, if it looks good in pictures, it’s a bonus. Not the other way around.

5. Don’t be afraid of color

The world is colorful. Humans need color. It lifts moods, it brings joy. Don’t be afraid to use color. If you are a little skeptical, here is a trick. Keep your walls white. Then use all the colors under the planet in your furniture and accessories. You won’t go wrong.

6. Maximalism in moderation

Maximalism is not filling every single inch of space you have. There is a thin line between a maximalist-style house and a hoarder house. In a maximalist home, there are more beautiful things than in a regular home and they are displayed in a rather interesting way allowing enough negative space (empty surfaces) so that the things displayed can be enjoyed without being overwhelmed.

If you love maximalism, let me tell you. You don’t have to display everything you own, have a cupboard to store extras and swap things around seasonally or as and when you feel like it. Have enough negative space ( empty wall space, empty surfaces on tables and floor) so that the eye gets a little break from all the beautiful things you have.

7. You don’t have to paint the whole wall

For those of you who want some color but cannot commit to the entire wall, have some fun. Paint 1/3rd of the wall from below a nice bright color of your choice. Or make a diagonal from one top corner to the other bottom corner, paint the lower half in a different color. Or take inspiration from the image below and sponge some magical clouds strategically. Works like a charm.

8. 3 of the same piece, look Great

You loved something so much that you decided to buy 3 of the same. Display them side by side, at the same level. Looks stunning.

9. Display your Textile

My decorative ladder is my most cherished buy. I love displaying my textile collection on it. Handloom shawls, vintage embroidery, and textiles that have a good visual appeal.

As I was typing this paragraph, an idea hit me. You know we have to air our pure silk Kanjeevaram sarees? How about a tapestry hanger that is wide enough to display a saree? I could leave it there for a few days and then switch! How exciting! It’s going on my list to try.


10. Every home needs a comfy couch to sink into

If you love the Indian antique style, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to stay true to the style of decorating. Feel free to add a plush modern couch of your liking. Every home needs a comfy couch to sink into.

13. Treasure heirlooms

I find it absurd when someone says their home is too modern for something that belonged to their family for generations. I mean, how can something that has your identity and roots attached to it not fit into your home? True personal style cannot be categorized into modern, contemporary or anything for that matter. True personal decorating style is as unique as your thumb impression.

P.s. If they don’t mean anything to you, please feel free to get rid of them.

11. Mix metals

Use gold, brass, copper, and chrome. And use them all in one setting It will look great. Period!

12. Mix old and new

I love putting newly made things with vintage and antique things. Sometimes I make new things look antique by painting them distressed.


14. Display BnW pictures

I find them charming. I am always thinking of creative ways of displaying black and white photos.

15. Use real-looking faux flowers

I know you can’t have fresh flowers always, you need some faux ones too. When picking faux ones remember that they should fool you into thinking they are real. Its a little difficult to find, you have to keep looking. But let me tell you, nothing worthwhile comes easy to keep the hunt on. (The birds of paradise you see in the photo below, in point no 6 and point no 21 are faux)

16. Mix vintage art with modern typo

Typography is visually appealing words or text. It may be very modern, but it looks extremely eye-pleasing when mixed with Indian vintage. The sepia tone Lakshmi and Saraswati frames, go so well with the black and white typography at the bottom. The subtle contrast gives it a nice pop and makes everything shine and have its own moment.

17. Create stunning feature walls

My philosophy is, that no matter where you are sitting or standing in your home, there should be something beautiful to stare at. And feature walls are the wow factor, every room needs. And if its handpainted by you, the love is tripled!

18. Use Kantha bed covers as upholstery

I did this 10 or 12 years ago even before it became a thing. Kantha bed covers come is beautiful colors and in so many patterns. They are double-layered, which makes them very upholstery-friendly. What you see below is cotton Kantha bedcover in 2 different colors. I used a double and a single to cover a 2 seater. If you have a 3-seater, I am sure 2 doubles will work.

19. Treat yourself to fresh flowers

Fresh flowers give you the same amount of joy as eating a rasagulla or cheesecake. The only difference, the joy lasts a few days and doesn’t increase your blood sugar! How wonderful is that! So next time you have a sugar craving, eat a fruit and get some fresh flowers.

20. Create memory walls

Memory walls are your life stories all in one place. It tells the story of who you are, what you love and where you’ve been. A collection of things displayed in a gallery on a wall.

What you see on the wall below is a series of stories of my life. Wedding gifts, travel finds, gifts from friends, my DIY, a piece from my ancestral more, a DIY my mom made, a dear friend’s art, a piece from my husband’s family home, his travel, etc, etc. If you want to see more of this wall, click HERE!

A gallery wall with indian vintage elements

21. Use vintage doors as art

I’ve done it at home, I’ve done it for clients, I have done it for content! It looks fabulous. Next time some door is being ripped off from your ancestral home and your heart is breaking, take a look at your walls and see if it needs a large canvas.

22. Make a grand statement

I remember someone seeing the images of my home and telling me it’s a bit much. I agree! Its not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it and that’s all that matters! And the fact that people who visit me love it and the people of the internet love it, it’s a bonus.

I don’t know what you come here for, the home decor content, my writing, or my stupid humor, but here is what I want you to learn. Your home is the backdrop to your life, make it GRAND!

23. A large piece of art

Can make a space look stylish and luxurious. I don’t know why, a lot of people are afraid to host a large piece of art on their wall. I see so few of them. Even if you have a small apartment or a home, a large piece of art can make a massive statement.

A pink velvet sectional in a modern Indian home.

24. Block printed curtains

Block-printed curtains have a charm of their own. They look subtle yet impactful, neutral yet provide a pop of color, and most of them are made in cotton, they look very organic. If your home is an Indian style, you must do a block-printed curtain for sure.

25 Use a chair as a side table

I find that using a chair as a side table looks really charming, owning to the backrest. Also, the chair seat is at a height of 18 inches mostly and can work well as a stand-alone side table or even as a bedside.

I hope you enjoyed the list, Part 2 coming up soon!

P.s. I would really love it if you left me a comment. I would love to know who is reading and what are your thoughts.


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