You know you are a DIY Addict when….

You know you are a DIY Addict when….

1. You dont have a junk drawer, its a junk cupboard.

Every time you find some “interesting” trash, you start exercising your grey cells thinking of what can be done with it. Nothing according to you is a waste. In-spite of the fact that there is already so much trash filled in your DIY closet, you refuse to give up.

2. Your friends gift you weird stuff.

Which they have no clue what to do with it and think you will find it interesting. And you are thrilled, which is encouraging them to find more weird stuff to gift to you. Now you know why you have a junk cupboard!!

The colonial rosewood mirror with a lettering art frame on it.

3. You are not afraid to start a new project.

The ghosts of the failed projects and the half done projects haunt you every time you open your craft closet, but that doesn’t discourage you from starting a new one. That my friend, is the spirit of a true DIY addict!

4. Pinterest is your second home.

Oh Yes! God bless Pinterest. If Pinterest was a person, you could totally marry Pinterest. Without you life would be hard, Pinterest my love….. very very hard. I love you Pinterest!! Yayy for Pinterest!…………

Two tiny terracotta cows one behind the other.

5. When you gift, its handmade.

You love to gift people your work, but you are also very choosy about who you give it to. DIY is a labor of love and you cant just give it to a random friend, it has to be truly appreciated by whoever gets it.

6. You are a “hands on” shopper!

“Hands on” it is. Window shopping is never limited to gazing, it always involves a lot of touching and feeling and flipping and examining. All the time wondering how it is made and if you could make something similar or planting the seed of a new idea. Time wasted on window shopping is never a waste of time.

7. Its not about the money.

You have experienced the adrenaline of creating something, giving something a makeover and life is never going to be the same again. Going out and buying something off the shelf does not excite you anymore. You need the satisfaction of getting you hands dirty.

I think people who indulge in crafts and DIY are the happiest people coz they get to create something every day. It is the best form of therapy available. 

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