Spaces I have lived in – One

Spaces I have lived in – One

I moved to Bangalore soon after graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Electronics & Electrical Engineering. I had a job offer and was due to join even before I had my Graduation Certificate in hand.

After being a paying guest for about a year, I moved into a shared space with two other girls. Wherever I’ve lived, I always managed to make the space more personal, more inviting and more home-like. The first home was a very warm one bedroom, living room and open kitchen with a gorgeous red-oxide floor. While the memories of that home is fresh in my mind, there are no pictures to share. Those were the days of film roll cameras and brick like cell phones. So here are some pictures taken from the cell phone.

The classic Indian seating, mattress on the floor with bolsters and cushions
Low Seating

The living room and the kitchen were one unit. As you walked in through the door, you were in the living area and to the left was an open kitchen. Since there was no budget for decorating, I stuck to affordable decor.

A large acrylic painting and a corner stand for nick knacks.
Art corner

The acrylic painting was a gift from a friend and will show up in every home that I have been in. I have a thing for paintings with open doors and windows in them.

A simple granite top kitchen, with shelves for storage.
The open Kitchen

The Kitchen was the most fun part of the house. Since my roommate and me both enjoyed cooking, we spent a lot of time in the kitchen, working, gossiping and just having fun. I printed out some fun posters that I found on the internet and framed them to make it more fun.

Humor in the Kitchen
Humor in the Kitchen

To separate the kitchen from the living room, I found a pair of cheap chairs and a table which became our dining space and fixed a reed pendant light on top. Unfortunately I dont have a picture of that.

Oh Yeah!
Oh Yeah!

Unfortunately the kitchen was always clean, this could work well now. *making a mental note to hang this up later today*.

The bedroom was a really large room almost dormitory style. I remember during a wedding, we had almost 10 women comfortable in the house and there was enough room for a few more. No pictures of the bedroom either.

I moved jobs and my new workplace was an hour away. It was a place that I loved, and it broke my heart to move coz the commute to work was killing me. So I had wrap my house up and the lovely memories I made here and move.