Spaces I have lived in – Two

Spaces I have lived in – Two

I moved to another one-bed kitchen living set up that was just a few min’s walk from my new workplace. Since I had very little time to house hunt and move, I had to settle for something that looked ok but dint wow me. The house had very little natural light but was secure and security was a priority since I was living alone. (My roommate got married and moved to the US and I decided not to share my home with anyone). So this is how my home looked when I was in my early twenties.

The entrance with a console table with some interesting pieces of crafts.
A bamboo console table

The living room arrangement was obviously focused around the television. I had a diwan daybed, a bamboo console table and two low seating carved chairs. Most of which were collected one after the other.

A kathakali mask overlooking Two low seating carved chairs with comfortable cushions.
Low seating carved chairs

I even added two large chests of drawers to store samples since I was doing my research for Indyakaleidoscope. Over a period of time, the living room became cluttered with furniture.

A bedroom filled with so much red. Red curtains, red pillows, red lamp and red blanket.

The bedroom! Gosh! So much red, red, and some more red. Sometimes I wonder if I really lived here?? There is so much going on here. I couldn’t sleep there now for sure. Well, the only valid explanation I have is that it was the bedroom of a girl who just got out of college, got a job, and was doing her thing.

The kitchen shelf lined with fairy lights behind the canisters to provide a little more light to a dark kitchen.
Fairy lights in the kitchen

The kitchen was a tiny L-shaped one and was the darkest room in the house. So I had to come up with something to brighten it up. Options are limited, especially in a rented space and when the landlord lives on the floor below yours. Nevertheless, so many memorable meals have been cooked in this kitchen.

Even though it was an okay-ok kind house and I couldn’t do much in terms of the decor, it was a happy place. Since the workplace was close by and I had started managing a team at work, weekends always saw some fun with friends catching up for a home-cooked meal. This was the house where I got my first digital camera, started the IndyaKaleidoscope blog, and planned my little social business.


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