Spaces I have lived in – Three

Spaces I have lived in – Three

Living in a house that had very little natural light, got me craving for sunshine. I also discovered that I liked the nice crisp white color on most (not all) of my walls. So when my mum decided to move in with me, I had to find a two-bedroom apartment. I took a little longer and got myself a place that fulfilled my only condition, lots and lots of natural light.

Since the owner of the place had not painted the place, I requested him to make the walls white and he did. Since mum had arrived with a truckload (literally) of stuff from Mangalore even before I moved in, the process of moving was absolutely frustrating and painful.

After almost two months of hard work, the house started looking like Home. This was also the time when I was sourcing furniture for the Indyakaleidoscope store, and I found a few pieces that I loved for the home. I got my sofa upholstered in bright orange silk to give it a rich look and make it pop against the white walls.

A flea market found sofa set upholstered in orange silk fabric. A large brass biryani plate hangs on the wall along with a mixed media painting.
Pink n Orange
A vintage chair upholstered in pink and orange cheveron fabric from fab indial
New upholstery and a little bit of polish make a flea market find, as good as new.

I found a pair of these chairs up for sale on Second to None, an online flea market. The design of the chairs rang a bell in my head and I sent the picture to a friend who has a vast knowledge of global vintage furniture. She confirmed that it’s a vintage design by Farso Stolefabrik, a Danish furniture designer. The upholstery fabric is from FabIndia.

A small wooden wall shelf that has three ceramic ganeshas, and also used as jewelry display.
Some pretty, some functional

While I did not start out with a specific color theme in mind, I realized that it was slowly turning into this gorgeous, very Indian color scheme of Orange and Pink.


My mothers steel cupboard which has all my decor
Mum’s mini almirah used to store my decor


Any new furniture that came to the house was pre-owned and came from either second-hand furniture shops or online portals selling old furniture. I developed a lifestyle of not buying new, using what I have, and making the most of it. I also started developing a liking for DIY (Do-it-Yourself).

A shabby chic chalk board
Things to remember corner in the kitchen.

I got a bunch of gold frames made in different sizes, using different frame beading from a local picture framing guy. The whole set cost me about 500 bucks. I made the layout on the floor, constantly shuffling them until I arrived at something I loved. Then transferred it onto the wall using two-sided tape.

A set of gold picture frames without pictures, placed on the wall.
The empty frame collage

Why did I move from this house? Mum was not doing very well and her mobility decreased a little with every passing day. It got to a point where I had to make sure she had food and water within arm’s distance and she had a few minor accidents while trying to use the bathroom and it was always at the back of my mind when I was at work. So I had to move to a place which was a few minutes’ walk from work.





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