5 Places in Bangalore for Great Deals : Budget Decorating

5 Places in Bangalore for Great Deals : Budget Decorating

This post is about where you can shop if you are budget Decorating. Here are Five Places in Bangalore for Great deals. 

I believe no budget is too small for decorating. If you are willing to put in the time and know what kind of look you want to achieve, it can be created. So here are 5 places in Bangalore for great deals.

Bamboo Bazaar

Apart from selling bamboo and its products, Bamboo Bazaar is like a treasure hunt in real life. You can find different kinds of timber, old doors and windows, old furniture and artifacts. Be willing to make friends with dust, heat, and long walks and you shall be suitably rewarded in due time. The thing about shopping on a budget is that you cannot give up after one failed attempt. Keep looking. Go back another day. If you are really lucky you will chance upon some good stuff. You may find an antique pair of chairs or a bed or an ornamental window.

The old furniture pieces come as is and will need restoration. If you are considering restoring them yourself, pick up pieces that are as per your level of skill. Sometimes all it needs is a good clean up and a lick of paint. Good tip: Know approximate retail prices and you can negotiate to buy your piece.

Old Windows at Bamboo Bazaar

Pottery Town

A small settlement of potters live here and make a variety of earthenware. They have planters, pots, tandoors, diyas, cookware, serve ware, masks, decorative pieces, etc,. The prices are very reasonable and the people are quite friendly. Earthen pots look absolutely gorgeous when they are painted with regular wall emulsion. Planters from Pottery townSo take your time, look around and peep into every corner and see what you can find. I have painted a tandoor and turned it into a decorative pot on a terrace garden. I have bought terracotta plates from Pottery Town and my Rasam rice tastes divine in it.

Pottery Town

Central Street

The street adjacent to the Army Mess leading to the Shivajinagar bus stand is Central Street. You will find several furniture vendors here. Again not being in a hurry is the key. You can get good sturdy metal dining chairs for as low as 800 bucks. If you are a crafty and DIY person, furnishing an apartment on a budget is going to be a piece of cake. You can get sturdy cheap furniture and do some painting, decoupage or small upgrades to make them look great. Good tip: Don’t shop on an empty stomach and carry drinking water with you.

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Ramachandra Puram

This place is a fabric lovers’ paradise. Export surplus and rejects are bought by vendors on this street and you will see fabric heaps in every shop in the stretch. You can find traditional to contemporary to very modern fabric designs here. If you like something, pick it up immediately and don’t pass it off for next time. Hundreds of people visit the markets every day. There is a good chance that the fabric you liked will not remain until you visit next.


You can even find cushion covers, chair pads, table runners, etc., that are sold in the Western market under big brand names at ridiculously low prices. No Good tip: Inspect everything thoroughly before you buy.

Sunday Market

This is one of my favorites coz of the mystery surrounding it. You never know what you will find until you get there. The Sunday market happens on Sundays, obviously, and starts from BVK iyengar road all the way to KR Market and the by-lanes in between. You can get anything here. From Vintage typewriters to maybe someone’s old pants. The possibilities are endless. Look at everything from an upcycle project point of view. I created this chandelier out of fan blades I found at the Sunday market.  The vintage typewriter, you wont believe I found at the Sunday Market.

Vintage typewriter from the sunday market bangalore

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