The Great Indian DIY Challenge

The Great Indian DIY Challenge

All you need to know about the Great Indian DIY Challenge is right here on this page. If you are a DIY’er or a DIY enthusiast here is your chance to jump in.


Well, well, well….. This has been brewing in my head for so long that if I dint throw it up, it might die and rot and stink! After years of DIY’ing, sharing them with the world, answering a million questions on DIY and working in the home decor business in India, I have come to realize one thing. “DIY is no Longer a hobby. Its a life skill.” Thats just one part of it, a person who DIY’s can never be bored, its instant gratification and most importantly makes you independent and gives you time off screens.

One of my goals for 2019 was to give a huge push for DIY culture in India through my blog and social media. While this collage at the bottom shows all of the DIY work that I have done so far this year, through this DIY challenge I am hoping to encourage and inspire people to DIY, learn something new from all of them who plan to join in, build a DIY community and have loads of fun.

What is The Great Indian DIY Challenge?

The Great Indian DIY Challenge is going to be a monthly DIY party that will have a theme, participants and a winner at the end of the month. The idea is to promote DIY and encourage people to start working with their hands. The theme will be different for every month and could be anything. A hand tool, material supplies or a “Whimsical” word. Participants will need to register for the challenge. Participants can make as many DIY’s as they want on the theme. And at the end of the month a winner will be chosen.

Here is the schedule

How can you register for the DIY challenge?

Leave your instagram handle as a comment on this blog post to register for the june challenge.

How can you submit DIYs for the challenge?

Once the theme is announced (Theme for June is announced in this post at the end) and you have registered for it, you can get to work. You can make as many DIYs as you want. You can post them on your Instagram with the custom hashtag for the month, for June it will be #GIDCjune. Every submission should have one styled photo and 3 to 4 in progress pictures. One post one submission.

Its perfectly okay if you registered and couldn’t find the time to do or submit your DIY. See you next month.

What can you expect as prizes and why is it revealed after registration is closed?

Well, the reason for joining the challenge should be the joy of DIY and not the prizes. I may scrap the registrations after a couple of months. The reason why the prizes will be revealed later is so the bunch is motivated further to do more DIY.

Since I am hosting the DIY Challenge, the prize will definitely include being featured on our social handles @preethiprabhu and @homedecorindia . And also a chance to talk about your DIY journey here on this blog. Apart from that there will be exciting physical prizes. Not to forget, the winner will be a part of the team to judge the next months challenge.

How will the winner be chosen?

There will be certain criteria for selecting the winner.

Originality of the idea: Nah! Lets face it, there are no original ideas. There is inspiration and you adding your touch to it and making it yours. Its ok if you copy someone elses DIY word by word, dont be afraid to reveal the source of your inspiration and give them credit. Your entry will still be valid. Its DIY and we play fair.

Complexity or Simplicity: It doesn’t matter. You dont need to get crazy supplies and fancy things to make your DIY come to life. If a DIY blows us away, we choose that as a winner, doesnt matter if it needed virgin unicorn blood or thrash from your garbage can.

Finishing: Yes! There is only so much we can judge through images, but yes. Finishing it properly matters. Working on finishing makes you feel good about your DIY, so big YES for finishing it well.

Size: Doesnt Matter! Nope! I wont even say more.

Creative Thinking: Another difficult thing to judge, but yes. I have seen some people churn out some very unique concepts. So will definitely look out for that.

Number of entries: Nope! You can send out 10 entries or just 1, each DIY will be looked at as an individual entry.

Presentation: Yes. I hate seeing naked stuff on a white background. Styling matters! If you are a DIYer and you sell your DIY, then styled photos matter than never before. Present good quality images of your DIY. By good quality I mean take photos is good natural daylight (not direct sunlight)

Did I miss out on anything else! Hope not! Let me know if you think there should be some other criteria to pick a winner.

The Great Indian DIY Challenge

So lets pray the the DIY Gods and get this thing going!

Theme for the Month of June – Acrylic Paint! (couldnt have been easier)

You can do pretty much anything but make sure you add a bit of acrylic paint on it!

Happy DIYing!

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